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 Minting is Now Live!

* Minting at .015 ETH

* Be sure to have at least $5 in ETH  for gas fees 

* Will be taken to external mint page

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Somewhere between the base and the peak of the tower you will find the TowerDogz in
their element. We are the TowerDogz, leaders at both the front and the top of the pack.

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How do we stay connected to that phone in your hand, or that tablet that entertains us and our children on a daily basis.  The Answer is because of TOWERDOGZ. TowerDogz have built/ maintained the Network  infrastructure around the world for decades. Little has been said about the heavy lifting Towerdogz do keep us connected.


These men and women have always been living on the edge of society, risking their lives on daily basis working one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. The TOWERDOGZ NFT Project looks to bring awareness and recognition to the brave men and women who are the backbone of our cellular network infrastructure as well bring TowerDogz into the Metaverse.

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Join our discord channel to become a member of the TowerDogz community. You will have access to the real stories told by true TowerDogz as well as any valuable knowledge you may have gained along the climb of becoming one our virtual TowerDogz. Contribute to important conversations and participate as an active member of our growing community. Learn how to create a digital crypto wallet, add funds, and mint (purchase) 1 of 5000 unique TowerDogz NFTs!

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Being a TowerDogz is hard work, but our team is dedicated and driven to see this project succeed.
Check out our journey below, and with your involvement, we will all climb to the top!

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After minting, the original NFT holders will receive an even share of 25% royalties (2.5% of secondary sales)  in perpetuity. This means that every time a TowerDogz NFT is traded or sold after minting, 25% of the royalty of that sale goes into a pot for original owners to split equally. 

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First in person event located in Chicago, IL. Many others will be held virtually. Also, will have scheduled Pop-up event every quarter in a different city, with virtual events in the Metaverse.



TowerDogz will secure sponsorships from different vendors and events that benefit our community including but not limited to: concerts, manufacturer discounts,  gaming discounts, & exclusive offers for travel.

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Community Contest. Community will be rewarded for taking action. Daily giveaways in our Twitter Space, with prizes evolving with the space. Tune in to see what you can win! 

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TowerDogz will establish a DAO of at least 5% of all initial sales with over 70% going into future projects. Holders will be able to determine the best use of these funds. Additionally, 5 charities will be selected and the community will vote on which charities will be donated a portion the total proceeds.


TowerDogz community members will be able vote on projects and extras funded by the sale of TowerDogz NFTs. The Community will also have the opportunity to invest in future Blockchain Endeavors/technologies.


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TowerDogz will build a unique club in the metaverse where virtual TowerDogz can go to learn, hangout, play games/win cash/digital currency prizes. The metaverse location will be announced soon!



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Keep TowerDogz community going while we continue to grow the brand and launch next project.


Meet The DoughBros

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TowerDogz Co-Architect.  
22+ years of Telecom Experience (Tower Tech/TowerDogz)
Loving Family Man and Entrepreneur.
My passions are building, creating and helping others.



TowerDogz Co-Architect  10+ Years Automotive and Carpentry Experience  15+ years of Sales Experience   I Love Art, Cars, and Red Bulls. (lol) My passion is my Family.

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TowerDogz Co-Architect & Artist 25+ Years of Graphic Design  16 years in STEM fields 10 years programming  10 years IOT and UAVs My Passions are Technology and Art

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