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  • TowerDogz Co-Architect 

  • 10+ Years Automotive and

  • Carpentry Experience 

  • 15+ years of Sales Experience  

  • I Love Art, Cars, and Red Bulls. (lol) 

  • My passion is my Family. 

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About @KingCas

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Born and raised in the Chicagoland area, in a single parent home watching his mother work extremely hard to provide for his family, @KingCas has leveraged these experiences to become the hard-working family-oriented person he is today. @KingCas has obtained multiple skills and trades over the years that have helped him excel in life: Carpentry, basic electrical and electronics, ASE Certified mechanic and ASE sales certified, just to name a few.


@KingCas has been mining and trading digital currency for a little over a year. Being in that space is what peaked his interest in NFT’s. He has been embedded and dedicated to NFT’s and the Metaverse world since discovering it. KingCas is excited for the future of Web 3, especially for his his children, and their generation.

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