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Fred Jenkins a.k.a PaidNut

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  • TowerDogz Co-Architect.  

  • 22+ years of Telecom Experience (Tower Tech/TowerDogz) 

  • Loving Family Man and Entrepreneur. 

  • My Passion is Building, Creating, and helping Others.

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About @ PaidNut

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Having worked in the cellular construction industry for 22+years, @PaidNut is an Entrepreneur that has been working in the WEB 3 and the NFT space as well trading crypto currency for the past year.  He is a father of three, husband to a beautiful wife, and big brother to four siblings. Family means everything to @PaidNut.  

@PaidNut was born on the westside of Chicago to a mother that was too young and not ready to raise him and his sister. When he was 8 years old, his mother sent him and his sister to live with his grandparents down south (Louisiana). Had she not made that decision, there is good chance you would not be reading this bio of @PaidNut today.


His grandparents raised him to be hard working, honest, and respectful, which has given him a solid foundation to be the man he is today. Those tools and lesson learned during his childhood given him the confidence to do and try anything in life. 

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