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  • TowerDogz Co-Architect & Artist

  • 25+ Years of Graphic Design 

  • 16 years in STEM fields

  • 10 years programming 

  • 10 years IOT and UAVs

  • My Passions are Technology and Art 

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About @Prototype

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Prototype is a Bay Area Native, earning his B.S. in Psychology Pre-Med with a minor in Neuroscience from the all-male, historically Black, Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA. From there he moved to Illinois with a full scholarship to pursuit a medical doctorate (MD). After three years of medical school, he felt he could have a much larger impact in his community by pursuing a career in medical technology & public health. The same year, he transitioned into a Masters of Public Health (MPH) Program which he completed in May, 2016. With a concentration in Environmental Health, Prototype also obtained graduate certifications in Emergency Preparedness & Homeland Security, as well as Epidemiology.

As a graduate student, Prototype founded a UAV technology company focused on designing medical and public health drones for governmental/health organizations
around the globe. He has a wealth of experience scratch building UAVs, robots and 3-D printers, all which he taught himself. His experience breaking into these fields has led to a passion for inspiring youth to use modern technology and digital resources to learn anything their hearts desire. 

Prototype is currently pursuing a PhD in Medical Informatics, and is interested in Art, Aerospace, & Blockchain technology (especially as it relates to health applications).

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